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Welcome to F*ck A 9 TO 5 where we are extremely passionate about achieving every dream we have! We don’t believe in the systematic way of life a 9 to 5 job affords. We believe in FREEDOM! The ability to do what you want, when you want, and how you want to! To be able to explore this beautiful planet any time as you see fit.

Our team here at F*ck a 9 to 5 come from all walks of life. All of us are creators in our own right who have dreams and ARE achieving them. We want to help creators chasing a dream earn a passive income on their own terms and on your own their time.

A Little Back Story

Hi I’m Dre, A partner here with F*ck A 9 To 5 and I love to create music! For the past 15 years I have been knee-deep in the music industry to moderate success. As I got older I wanted a way for me to be able to not worry about money when shows were slow and I was in between albums. I basically needed to pay bills and that “starving artist” hat was starting to fit a little too perfectly on head. A friend of mine suggested to me affiliate marketing as a way to be able to make money on the move and be flexible with my time. It hasn’t made me rich (Honestly) but it has afforded me the lifestyle that I spoke about previously in this article. Me and my partners believed in it so much we wanted to dedicate a brand in the name of affiliate marketing and side hustles on the internet.

We Saw Others Winning, We Got To Work

We want to help creators to free up time to chase their dreams because the world needs it. The earth stops spinning if creators can not mold and shape the future. We refuse the systematic way of life that society pushes upon us and we want to see peoples dreams come true. We NEED your dreams to come true. Here at F*ck A 9 To 5 we are always available to talk and we hope you decide to go capture your dreams. The world needs you!

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